AS-PL Sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed from European Funds



AS-PL Sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed from European Funds with title Development of the export activity of AS-PL Sp. z o.o. through the implementation of the industry program "Car and aircraft parts".
The project is implemented as part of the Smart Growth Operational Program.
Priority axis 3: "Support for innovation in enterprises" Activity 3.3: "Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises" Sub-action 3.3.3: "Support for SMEs in promoting product brands - Go to Brand.

Project goals:
Develop export activity by acquisition of partners on new foreign markets.
The main goal became the basis for isolating the company's specific goals;

  1. Increase of production and turnover from export sales
  2. Strengthening the competitive position on foreign markets;
  3. Increasing the recognition of the "AS" brand.
  4. Increasing the level of export in the company's total sales.
  5. Financial stability and sustainable development of the enterprise
  6. Promotion of the Brand of Polish Economy.

The brand's long-term goal for the "AS" brand is a recognizability on foreign markets.
The effect of the developed export activity will be reinvestment of profits and independent R&D activity as well as the implementation of innovative production solutions, which will increase competition on foreign markets. The implementation of the presented objectives will enable translate into strengthening the position of the Polish economy and promoting Poland as an attractive trading partner.

Project implementation period: 04/2019-12/2020.
Project value: 714 900,00 zł.
Co-financing value: 428 940,00 zł.